Competency Definition of Competency by Merriam-Webster.
Herman told Petrovich and defense attorneys Billy Sothern and Matthew Vogel that no new motions would be heard until Boys competency is considered restored. ken daley,, Travis" Boys jail call not enough to convince judge to reconsider competency ruling, 23 Oct.
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I enjoy a competency nay, much moreand yet, they talk to me of dying. Competency is equal to the occasion, readiness prompt for the occasion. Youth will not weigh so much against you as a competency will do for you.
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competency Wiktionary.
Ambrose Bierce it would appear that before taking this precaution Mr. Bree must have had the thrift to remove a modest competency of the gold. obsolete A sustainable income. Shakespeare Superfluity comes sooner by white hairs, but competency lives longer.
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competency Dictionary Definition:
If you have competency in something, you're' well-qualified to do it, whether that's' baseball, business management, or underwater basket weaving. Competency means capability" Although we use it to mean someone has a sufficient qualification, it comes from the word compete, meaning that someone with competency is good enough to compete with other candidates.
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Examples from the Web for competency Expand. Many other factors would come into play, including the competency and platforms of her opponents, both Democrat and Republican. Hillarys Book Sales Are Weak by Clinton Standards Jason Pinter June 18, 2014. They tried to question her competency and she was like that for years and years, he said.
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competency Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Meaning of competency in the English Dictionary. competency" in English. See all translations. competency noun C. uk / km.p.t / us / km.p.t /. an important skill that is needed to do a job.: Thesaurus: synonyms and related words.
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What Is a Competency?
She believes people are intrinsically motivated to excel, if they are given access to a competency model for their role, the opportunity to assess themselves against that model, and personalized learning to help them close gaps and meet aspirational goals.
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Competence human resources Wikipedia.
The Occupational Competency movement was initiated by David McClelland in the 1960s with a view to moving away from traditional attempts to describe competency in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes and to focus instead on the specific self-image, values, traits, and motive dispositions i.e.

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