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Example Sentences for preservation. They are the preservation of the rights of the several States and the integrity of the Union. And they have the political power still, if they only had the sense to use it for their preservation.
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Preservation Library of Congress.
Preservation Lectures Upcoming The Digital Restoration Initiative: Reading the Invisible Library. The Library of Congress is the USA and Canada center for Preservation and Conservation PAC of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions/IFLA. Stay Connected with the Library All ways to connect.
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Preservation is meant to deliver a strong message for a thriller movie, it could have done so if only the narrative made a lick of sense. There is a good set-up for horror as the direction is bizarre yet it's' occasionally eerie.
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The village is proud of its historic past and emphasizes preservation of its historic buildings. A plaque inside the terminal acknowledges her prominent role in its preservation. During his nine-year tenure, he enlarged the service's' role in urban recreation, historic preservation, interpretation, and environmental education.
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Letzter Beitrag: 05 Jun 11, 2143.: What is food preservation? Food preservation is necessary to extending the shelf life but t. Letzter Beitrag: 28 Jan 10, 1153.: Was ist der Unterschied? Die Bewahrung unserer Vitalität The preservation of our vitality.
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Like us on FACEBOOK: http// Follow us on TWITTER: http// Preservation Official Trailer 1 2015 Horror Movie HD. PRESERVATION follows brothers Sean and Mike and Mikes wife, Wit a brainy anesthesiologist who head out on a hunting trip in a nature preserve.
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Preservation Hall, jazz venue in New Orleans, Louisiana. Preservation: Acts 1 2, albums by The Kinks. Preservation" song, a non-album single released by The Kinks after the Preservation albums. Preservation 2003 film, a 2003 Australian film. Preservation 2014 film, a 2014 horror thriller film.
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But now, thanks in part to grants and preservation efforts, the bakery is thriving. New Orleans Celebrates Its Favorite Sandwich at the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival Tyler Gillespie November 26, 2013. The preservation of potential for life on earth is a threat.
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1: fruit canned or made into jams or jellies or cooked whole or in large pieces in a syrup so as to keep its shape often used in plural. 2: an area restricted for the protection and preservation of natural resources such as animals or plants.
Preservation as a Treatment and Standards for PreservationTechnical Preservation Services, National Park Service.
New exterior additions are not within the scope of this treatment; however, the limited and sensitive upgrading of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and other code-required work to make properties functional is appropriate within a preservation project. Standards for Preservation.

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