Sauce bordelaise ou à la bordelaise. Sauce au vin blanc ou rouge à la moelle. Une bordelaise, subst. La bordelaise est une bouteille qui contient 74 à 76 centilitres R. Brunet, Le Matériel vinicole, 1909, p. 464; baril utilisé dans le commerce des vins de Bordeaux.:
Bordelaise Definition of Bordelaise by Merriam-Webster.
French bordelaise, feminine of bordelais of Bordeaux, from Bordeaux. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about Bordelaise. Post the Definition of Bordelaise to Facebook Share the Definition of Bordelaise on Twitter Resources for Bordelaise. Explore the year a word first appeared.
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Classic French Bordelaise Red-Wine Sauce Recipe. chainlink.
Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. This recipe for bordelaise sauce is a classic French sauce using red wine. The sauce is named after the famous wine-growing region of Bordeaux in Southwest France.
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Bordelaise Sauce Garlic Zest.
Strain the solids from the bordelaise, pressing with the back of a spoon to get all the sauce through the sieve. At this point, the Bordelaise Sauce is ready, but if youve gone the extra step of of poaching the marrow, this is when to add it and Oh-Ma-Gawd!
bordelaise Wiktionary.
See also: Bordelaise. 1.2.1 See also. From the French Bordelaise from Bordeaux. bordelaise countable and uncountable, plural bordelaises. cooking A brown sauce made with dry red wine and bone marrow. See also edit. Bordelaise sauce on Wikipedia. feminine singular of bordelais.
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La Brasserie Bordelaise, le goût du sud-ouest Bordeaux, Aquitaine.
Une véritable vitrine des vins de la région bordelaise et du Sud-Ouest. Avec près de 700 références dans notre cave, découvrez également des vins de petits producteurs et de Grands Crus, de différentes régions françaises et du monde. Consulter la carte. 2018-12-19 Coffret Cadeau Brasserie Bordelaise.
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bordelaise hashtag on Instagram Photos and Videos.
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Bordelaise sauce Wikipedia.
Traditionally, bordelaise sauce is served with grilled beef or steak, though it can also be served with other meats that pair well with red wine demi-glace based sauces. New Orleans bordelaise edit. A bordelaise sauce in traditional New Orleans style Louisiana Creole cuisine is different from the French classical version, although both are available in the city.
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Bordelaise definition of bordelaise by The Free Dictionary.
Souffle of quails with smoked or pickled scarlet tongue Boned breast and wing of chicken with a sauce of foie gras Saddles of mutton in gravy Ducklings cooked in a bordelaise sauce Ham served with marsh-grown broad beans Ortolans garden buntings served on crustless bread.
Scallops à la Bordelaise Cactus.
Wat iesse mer? Gesond iessen Méi beweegen. Enter your keywords. La Belle Etoile. Scallops à la Bordelaise. Scallops à la Bordelaise. Back to Fish. On a Bed of Green Cabbage with Truffle Shavings. cuisse de poulet shallots long and round.
How to Make Bordelaise Sauce Recipe
Tap the strainer with a spoon while straining and squeeze out the last remaining drops of sauce from the residue. Season sauce to taste with salt and black pepper. You might also like. How to Make Bordelaise Sauce. Rich, delicious Bordelaise sauce is surprisingly easy to make.
Bordelaise Define Bordelaise at Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. Examples from the Web for bordelaise. Historical Examples of bordelaise. Fry the eggs in oil, put on toast, cover with Bordelaise sauce, and lay two slices of truffle on each egg.

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