Why 1984 and Animal Farm Aren't' Banned in China The Atlantic.
Even when it comes to the three Ts, though, things are a bit less simple than they appear. Contra The New York Review of Books, references to Tiananmen as a place, a tourist attraction, and so on fill the web in China.
China South China Morning Post.
Opinion How China is positioning its counterterrorism forces for a greater role. Mathieu Duch√Ętel writes that China is not creating military options for deterrence purposes or psychological warfare only. Military action in the name of counterterrorism is plausible in the years ahead.
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A study published by Elsevier, a scientific publisher, and Nikkei, a Japanese news business, on January 6th found that China published more high-impact research papers than America did in 23 out of 30 hot research fields with clear technological applications.
Global China Edition. Daily Website Connecting China Connecting the World.
China State Railway Group inaugurated Removal of QFII caps to lift fund flows. Major paper-cut project calls for 480 pieces based on Journey to the West. French musical Notre Dame de Paris to be staged in China. Sino-Saudi think-tank alliance launched.
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Visas to China.
2016 China Features. China Season of the 2015 China-UK Year of Cultural Exchange. 70th VJ DAY. Riposte to Abe and Japanese Militarism. Prime Minister David Cameron's' Visit to China. 40 Years of China-UK Full Diplomatic Relations. Falun Gong Cult. Visas to China.
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Chart: Why China is so desperate to protect its industries Quartz.
Though there are some reports that China will put on hold its Made in China 2025 program paywall, one of Trumps biggest bugbears, moves to scrap its industrial policies are likely to be limited to symbolism. Heres one illustration of why.
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China Regional News.
Tennis industry fights back against new China tariffs. 141: PM ET Fri, 30 Aug 2019. The tennis industry will see a 15 percent tariff go into effect on tennis balls. CNBC's' Eric Chemi reports on how the tennis industry is fighting back against new China tariffs.
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Xinhua China, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Photos and Video
China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair held in Yangling, NW China. Photo taken on Oct. 22, 2019 shows a view of the 26th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair in Yangling, northwest China's' Shaanxi Province. Wild animals roam on grassland in Shuanghu County of Nagqu, SW China.
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East Asia/Southeast Asia: China The World Factbook Central Intelligence Agency.
more general assessment: China has become the largest Internet market in the world, with the majority of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices; moderate growth is predicted over the next five years in the fixed broadband segment; one of the biggest drivers of commercial growth is its increasing urbanisation rate as rural residents move to cities; 98.6% of China's' Internet users access the Internet through mobile devices; China will be the world's' largest 5G market 2018.
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Although there have been vocal calls for total press freedom in China, some experts point to a more nuanced discussion of the ways in which the internet is revolutionizing the Chinese media landscape and a society that is demanding more information.
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China Culture, History, Maps, People
Indeed, practically all types of Northern Hemisphere plants, except those of the polar tundra, are found in China, and, despite the continuous inroads of humans over the millennia, China still is home to some of the worlds most exotic animals.
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