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Asian cat, a cat breed similar to the Burmese but in a range of different coat colors and patterns. Asii also Asiani, a historic Central Asian ethnic group mentioned in Roman-era writings. Asian option, a type of option contract in finance.
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Asian men are dominating, patriarchal, sexist etc: False! Asian women are given a lot of respect and power by Asian men. Asian women can also be materialistic, agressive and dominating ask any man who has dated an Asian. Many Asian countries treat women as equals and many women keep their surnames.
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Asia's' longest river is the Yangtze, which runs 6300km, 3915, miles through China, all the way from the high Tibetan Plateau to Shanghai. Its largest lake is the 386400km, 149200, square mile Caspian Sea, which is surrounded by several Central Asian nations.
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Major lakes, rivers, cities, roads, country boundaries, coastlines and surrounding islands are all shown on the map. Map of the Asian Continent.: In the map of Asia at the top of this page, the continent is bisected by the 90 degrees east longitude line.
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Asia's' 50 Best Restaurants.
Toyo Eatery in Manila, Philippines, has been honoured by the Asia's' 50 Best Restaurants organisers with the Miele One To Watch Award 2018. With a focus on Filipino culture, chef Jordy Navarra's' restaurant is considered a rising star in the region.
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The Canadian Census uses the term Asian pan-continentally and the list of visible minorities includes" West Asian" South Asian" Central Asian" and" Southeast Asian" 6 The Canadian government uses West" Asian" in its statistics; however people from the Arab countries of Western Asia are counted in a separate Arab" category.
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Privacy This copyright is held jointly by the Trustees of the Asian University for Women and the Board of Directors of the Asian University for Women Support Foundation. Asian University for Women AUW is an independent, international university in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
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Bullying of any kind isn't' allowed, and degrading posts and comments of any sort especially colourism and racism will not be tolerated and you may be kicked. Try to be inclusive in your posts to all Asian races and refrain from being too exclusive.
Best universities in Asia THE Rankings.
Have your say. Log in or register to post comments. World University Rankings for physical sciences 2015-16: Asian institutions triumph. The 2015-16 university ranking for physical sciences, including maths, reveals Asian universities at the top of their game, in addition to the traditional US highlfliers.
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No Savesies campaign returns to Philadelphia; Other major cities battle post-snow parking wars. When it comes to preserving those coveted, shoveled-out parking spaces after significant snowfall, drivers have been known to use just about anything to save the spots for themselves.
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The Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple in Delhi, according to the Guinness World Records is the World's' Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple 65. Almost all Asian religions have philosophical character and Asian philosophical traditions cover a large spectrum of philosophical thoughts and writings.
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Apply for Membership. List of Members. Code of Practice for Members. Capability Development Model. Deal Share Platform. Past AVPN Events. Terms and Conditions. Data Protection Policy. 2019 Asian Venture Philanthropy Network AVPN is registered in Singapore as a charity UEN 201016116M.

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