Competence Definition of Competence by Merriam-Webster.
b: legal authority, ability, or admissibility a court of general competence the competence of witnesses challenge the competence of the evidence. Keep scrolling for more. More from Merriam-Webster on competence. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for competence. Spanish Central: Translation of competence.
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Examples from the Web for competence. If that state is to be further armed with new laws, its competence will be even more on the line. David Cameron's' Plan to Fight ISIS Will Likely Involve Racial Profiling Clive Irving September 2, 2014 DAILY BEAST.
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OHS Legislation in Canada Competent: OSH Answers.
The remaining jurisdictions British Columbia and Quebec use or imply the terms competent and competent worker but they do not define the terms. A table that summarizes how each jurisdiction defines competent, competent person/worker, or qualified worker is provided below.
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Competence definition of competence by The Free Dictionary.
kmp tns n compétence f. Fähigkeit f; of lawyer, scientist etc also, Ling Kompetenz f; to do something with surprising competence etw mit erstaunlichem Geschick tun; his competence in handling money/dealing with awkward clients sein Geschick im Umgang mit Geld / schwierigen Kunden; what level of competence has the class reached in Spanish?
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What is Global Competence? Asia Society.
Learn More About Teaching for Global Competence. Teaching for Global Competence. Learn about online global competence courses and certificate programs offered by the Center for Global Education in collaboration with Arizona State University designed for educators in schools and in out-of-school time.
Competence Wikipedia.
Competence geology, the resistance of a rock against deformation or plastic flow. Competence human resources, a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform a specific job. Competence law, the mental capacity of an individual to participate in legal proceedings.
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Competence Synonyms, Competence Antonyms
Is the vulgar security of competence to live onis that enough for one like you? Peter could gain no competence from the stony farm, no consent from the girl. Poverty is unknown there, every one has a competence, some are wealthy.
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Competence definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Times, Sunday Times 2010 Can there be any clearer measure of the present administration's' grasp of the concepts of competence and integrity in office? Times, Sunday Times 2009 The third area of competence I look for is wisdom and discernment.
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Global Competence in Food and FoodTec Global Competence in Food and FoodTec.
With our subsidiaries and foreign representatives we offer you concentrated competence worldwide. Please choose a continent. At a glance. Find here all dates of the food sector summarized for download.: Global Competence in Food and FoodTec. Recommend this page. E-mail of recipient.
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The Competence Club.
As defined by the Manual, competence is a combination of skills the ability to perform a task, knowledge the ability to understand and explain a task, experience the type, years, supervision committed to obtaining said knowledge, and behavior. To be qualified in a competence means it has been evaluated and assessed.
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They were concerned more with the manner in which the court should exercise its jurisdiction than with its competence to entertain the motion before it. Unsurprisingly, provinces can't' legislate on matters of federal competence and nor can Parliament legislate on matters of provincial competence.
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It is very difficult to know for certain today what kind of competence will be useful five years from now. Do not forget that in addition to your technical competence, other types of skills and knowledge are also important in the working life.

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