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competence countable and uncountable, plural competences. uncountable The quality or state of being competent, i.e. able or suitable for a general role. 2005, Lies Sercu and Ewa Bandura, Foreign Language Teachers and Intercultural Competence: An International Investigation: Teachers are now required to teach intercultural communicative competence.
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Conducting Employment Interviews Hiring How To. A Tip Regarding Your Circle of Competence. The" most important thing in terms of your circle of competence is not how large the area of it is, but how well you've' defined the perimeter."
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Examples from the Web for competence Expand. If that state is to be further armed with new laws, its competence will be even more on the line. David Cameron's' Plan to Fight ISIS Will Likely Involve Racial Profiling Clive Irving September 2, 2014.
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Competence geology, the resistance of a rock against either erosion or deformation. Competence human resources, a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform a specific job. Competence law, the mental capacity of an individual to participate in legal proceedings.
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U LAW the power of a person, business, court, or government to deal with something or take legal decisions.: sb's' competence to do sth There are concerns about his competence to stand trial. At present, national authorities have competence in these cases.
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Is the vulgar security of competence to live onis that enough for one like you? Peter could gain no competence from the stony farm, no consent from the girl. Poverty is unknown there, every one has a competence, some are wealthy.
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Competence human resources Wikipedia.
Dreyfus and Dreyfus 4 introduced nomenclature for the levels of competence in competency development. The causative reasoning of such a language of levels of competency may be seen in their paper on Calculative Rationality titled, From" Socrates to Expert Systems: The Limits and Dangers of Calculative Rationality.
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The Assembly is given competence to exercise legislative authority in respect of those matters falling under the responsibility of the six Northern Ireland Government Departments. A court's' competence to grant an anti-suit injunction seems to derive from its jurisdiction to adjudicate.
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challenge the competence of the evidence. Learn More about competence. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for competence Spanish Central: Translation of competence Nglish: Translation of competence for Spanish speakers Britannica English: Translation of competence for Arabic speakers Encyclopedia article about competence.
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Competency is an alternate noun form of competent, which is an adjective. In effect, competence and competency are interchangeable, though competence is more often used to describe a persons general ability, while competency is more often used to describe a persons ability to perform a certain task.

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