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Deltas on Mars edit. Researchers have found a number of examples of deltas that formed in Martian lakes. Finding deltas is a major sign that Mars once had large amounts of water. Deltas have been found over a wide geographical range.
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Hint: The delta looks like lots of short fat fingers poking out into the ocean. Deltas have different shapes depending on how much sediment is deposited by the river compared to how much sediment is eroded and redeposited by waves and tides.
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Ilford Delta, a photographic film. Delta horse 19461960, a champion Australian thoroughbred racehorse. Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils and Devilettes, an intercollegiate sports teams of the Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, Mississippi. San Francisco Deltas, a soccer team.
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The top 30 river deltas all have catchment basins in excess of 1000000, sq km. They all are at the mouth of large river systems that carry large quantities of clastic sediments soils or portions of rocks that have been moved by water from where they formed.
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Combinations of these factors and time give rise to the wide variety of modern deltas. The presence of a delta represents the continuing ability of rivers to deposit stream-borne sediments more rapidly than they can be removed by waves and ocean currents. Deltas typically consist of three components.
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