River Delta.
Delta definition: Coastal accumulations, both subaqueous and subaerial, of river-derived sediments adjacent to, or in close proximity to, the source stream, including the deposits that have been secondarily molded by various marine agents, such as waves, currents, or tides. Deltas occur throughout the world, except at the poles see slides.
Visit the California Delta! The HEART of California.
An intricate network of waterways, canals, and sloughs that connects the Sierra Nevada watershed with the San Francisco Bay, the Delta is Northern California's' modern day gold mine, filled with historical, recreational, and ecological treasures for an escape like no other.
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Deltas on Mars edit. Researchers have found a number of examples of deltas that formed in Martian lakes. Finding deltas is a major sign that Mars once had large amounts of water. Deltas have been found over a wide geographical range.
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Delta Wikipedia.
Look up DELTA, Delta, delta, or deltas in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Delta commonly refers to.: Delta letter or, a letter of the Greek alphabet. River delta, a landform at the mouth of a river. D NATO phonetic alphabet: Delta, the fourth letter of the modern English alphabet.
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Delta spread is an options trading strategy in which the trader initially establishes a delta neutral position by simultaneously buying and selling options in proportion to the neutral ratio that is, the positive and negative deltas offset each other, so that so that the overall delta of the assets in question totals zero.
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For full treatment, see river: Deltas. One of the first texts to describe deltas was History, written during the 5th century bce by Greek historian Herodotus. In that work, Herodotus mentioned that the Ionian people used the term delta to describe the low-lying region of the Nile River in Egypt.
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Energising deltas / Energiedijken.
Together with Tidal Testing Centre for coordination and Energy Valley Foundation for national and international positioning this project gives the Dutch trade and industry a head start on the world market. Investing in your future. Energising deltas is partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union. Copyright 2013 Energising deltas.
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It was derived from the Phoenician letter dalet, 2 Letters that come from delta include Latin D and Cyrillic. A river delta originally, the Nile River delta is so named because its shape approximates the triangular uppercase letter delta. Despite a popular legend, this use of the word delta was not coined by Herodotus.

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